Web Design - arrow Miniature Park in Inwałd August 25th, 2009

Architectural wonders of the world in Poland :) And on top of nearby Krakow. Miniature Park is another attraction for turytów motorists is because approx. 60 km from our apartments located at ul. Starowiślna and 20 km from the previously described attractions in Zatorze - Dinosaur Park .

Miniature Park "World of Dreams" is up 40 thousand m2, which includes such things as:
Web Design - ticker Miniature Park 1:25
Web Design - ticker Green Maze
Web Design - ticker Mini funfair
Web Design - ticker picnic gastronomy

All thumbnails in the Park were built in 1:25 scale. This allows a comparison of the size of individual buildings.

During the tour you can enjoy m. Others .:
Web Design - ticker Temple of the Acropolis,
Web Design - ticker Colosseum
Web Design - ticker Leaning Tower of Pisa,
Web Design - ticker Statue of Liberty,
Web Design - ticker Wall of China,
Web Design - ticker Tower Eifflla,
Web Design - ticker Big Ben,
Web Design - ticker Arc de Triomphe,
Web Design - ticker Sphinx
Web Design - ticker White House.

An additional attraction is a maze of green area 2tys m 2. The complex system of corridors of the maze requires dedication from a few to tens of minutes to reach your destination. At this time, the maze has a height of 1.2 m? our goal is to achieve a height of 1.70 m. need for about 5 years. Over the labyrinth built a viewing platform from which parents can control their children and help them in case of any problems with getting to the finish :)


Normal - 19 PLN

Reduced - 15 PLN

Children up to 4 years (with parents) - FREE

Reduced ticket shall apply to children and adolescents ('s card student or student), groups of over 15 people, invalids and groups ('s card), persons over 65 years of age.

Additional gratis attractions:
Web Design - ticker Fun in the Green Labyrinth
Web Design - ticker carousel children (under 11 years),
Web Design - ticker electrical cable (up to 11 years),
Web Design - ticker 9 meter water slide (under 10 years),
Web Design - ticker fun at the Monkey Grove (up to 7 years)
Web Design - ticker twice a ride to Auto Scooterze or Pirate or Ferris Wheel (above 12 years or 5-11 years accompanied by a guardian).

Parking and toilets free of charge.

CINEMA 4D Interactive Cinema "Academy Sheriff", Egypt Horror Show and Ponies additional fee for the park.

For further information we invite you to park.

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